Share Mouse and Keyboard Across Computers. Modify Mouse Movements Between Displays

A solution for every multi-display and device setup:

  • Share mouse, keyboard and clipboard between multiple computers
  • Create custom links between display borders
  • Optimize mouse movements and your workflow
  • Smooth out mouse transition between different resolution displays
  • Move mouse faster across multiple monitors
  • Wrap around by creating vertical and horizontal loops
  • Free tier for common use cases and access to free trial of Pro features
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Use Cases

Wondering how Cursr can elevate your productivity game? Whether you're working with a single screen or juggling multiple devices, Cursr is designed to improve your productivity. Dive into use case examples to see just how Cursr can transform your workflow and discover how others are maximizing their display and device setups with Cursr. Get inspired and see how Cursr can enhance your productivity too!


Cursr Virtual Configuration Preview

Key Features

Software KVM

Create border links, share mouse and keyboard between multiple devices and platforms.

Border Linking

Create virtual links between borders of same display or in a multiple display setup to allow moving mouse from one border to another.

Multiple Setups

Save configurations for various display setups. Cursr will seamlessly select and switch to a setup that best matches used layout on startup and any display change.

Custom Size Links

Split borders into resizable segments and link them to other borders and segments allowing for even more customizable experience.

Custom Link Colors

Change colors of links between borders to match your preferences or needs.

Cursor Shortcuts

Setup keyboard shortcuts for controlling mouse and setting cursor position on screen.

Border Blocking

Prevent mouse crossing over specific border sections, for example if they are natively joined to another display.

Upcoming Features

Vote for features you'd like to see in Cursr! Features with more votes are more likely to be prioritized

Mouse Sensitivity

Adjust how fast mouse pointer moves on individual monitor in multi-monitor setup.

Follow Focus

Automatically move mouse to focused window on window switch, for example when using 'Ctrl/Cmd + Tab'

Drag and Drop (KVM)

Allow drag and drop of files and other items between multiple devices connected with Cursr


Overlay on displays showing where borders, their segments and links are located. For Pro users overlays will aid in perfectly aligning border segments.

Collaborative Control

Allow multiple users to share control of additional displays or devices while retaining full control over their own devices.

Online Backup and Sharing

Backup and share your setups with others. Discover, modify and use setups from real-world examples.


Discounts available when purchasing multiple licenses


Free Forever
  • Unlimited border links on same device
  • Limited KVM: 1 link between max 2 devices
  • Encryption between KVM devices
  • 5min trial of Pro features
  • Community support
  • Border links cannot be resized
  • Limited email support

Pro (Subscription)

starting at $2.00 /month
  • Unlimited KVM usage?
  • Encryption between KVM devices
  • Includes 2 licenses; Extra licenses for $1.00/month each
  • Unlimited access to Pro Features
  • Future updates at no extra cost
  • Priority chat & email support
  • Cancel subscription at any time


$14.00 per Device
  • Unlimited KVM usage?
  • Encryption between KVM devices
  • Unlimited access to Pro Features with latest Cursr version at end of update period
  • 1 Year of updates at no extra cost?
  • 1 Year of priority chat & email support?
  • Extend updates and priority support period at any time for $10/year
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